To the Beat of His Own: Meet Kids Drumming Founder, Delton Davis

Meet Delton Davis: an accomplished musician, performer, educator, entrepreneur and man of strong faith, who puts his all into what he believes is his purpose. He is moved by music yet anchored by his spiritual beliefs which have helped him test and navigate the waters of business ownership. Oftentimes a tricky feat, Delton found a way to monetize his passion for drumming, language, and culture and help people at the same time.

After years of studying, performing and teaching percussion internationally, Kids Drumming was born. Kids Drumming is a fun and interactive experience for children to explore cultures through language and drums. From school educational programs, to play dates and private lessons, Kids Drumming offers memorable “rhythmic journeys.” In this interview, we delve into the inspiration and business behind his budding accomplishment.

Delton Davis Photographed in Downtown Long Beach | SolShock Media

Photo by: SolShock Media

SolShock: What makes Kids Drumming different from other organizations?

Delton: Kids Drumming is multi-layered in the resources and experiences; through activity books, animation, drumming, songs, and stories.

SolShock: How do parents, teachers or educators receive Kids Drumming?

Delton: Educators and parents love the KidsDrumming program. They like how I’m able to “sneak” in language and geography.

SolShock: Describe “The World Percussion Journey”.

Delton: The World Percussion Journey is an experience in which participants have fun playing drums while learning about language, geography, and culture at the same time. Music is a language. We can use our instruments to communicate with each other and express ourselves in a rhythmic way. The drum becomes our voice and means to communicate.

SolShock: What have been some of the most memorable experiences with the kids?

Delton: When the session is over and I hear the kids still chanting and saying the words and phrases they learned in another language, it is very rewarding.

Kids Drumming Founder Delton Davis

Photo courtesy of Delton Davis

SolShock: How were you inspired as a child through music and culture?

Delton: I grew up around a musical family. I always loved the drum section. I didn’t grow up in a culturally diverse area. However, in college, I made it a point to listen to the music from various countries.

SolShock: What are some of your favorite drums to play and what do you love most about being a musician?

Delton: The vibraphone is one of my favorite percussion instruments I like to play because I can express myself rhythmically and melodically. I love being able to create musical experiences with other musicians.

SolShock: As an artispreneur, how do you balance the business side with your creative side?

Delton: I’m currently working on that balance. I use a timer to assist in how much time I spend on the biz aspect and I have on my “to do list’ a specific time frame I strive to spend working on the creative aspects.

Delton Davis Photographed in Downtown Long Beach | SolShock Media

Photo by: SolShock Media

SolShock: What do you enjoy most about being a business owner? What is the best and most challenging thing?

Delton: Best: I’m grateful that every day I am doing something that’s in line with my purpose and desire in life. The challenging part is that everything falls on me if something doesn’t get done.

SolShock: What three things would you encourage an upcoming small business owner have?
Delton: Passion, Persistence, Relationships.

SolShock: Which small business resources or organizations were most helpful to you in building your business?
Delton: Tanya Kraisingr with Buildabiz, Jean Perrault with Perrault Creative and Joseph Jackson at the SBDC.

SolShock: What can we look forward to from Kids Drumming this year and throughout 2019?

Delton: The release of our children’s song ‘Como vai vocé? How are you?” and more children’s songs, the release of the animated character Dunner the Drummer, a variety of cultural activity books and leading more workshops.

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