Meet Adrienne Moore, Entrepreneur and Owner of Black Hair Growth Line ‘Precious Tresses’

When Adrienne Moore ventured into the multi-billion dollar haircare industry with her specialized hair growth product, Precious Tresses, she intended to help other black women accomplish a highly-desired goal – to grow their hair. She harnessed her passion and chose entrepreneur over employee, ditching her 9-to-5 for the indepenent yet challenging lifestyle of business owner. She worked hard on her regimen-based hair growth kit composed of ‘Make ‘Em Gelous Moisturizing Hair Gel’, ‘Make ‘Em Melt Moisturizing Hair Butter’ and a big fluffy scrunchy.

Precious Tresses Owner Adrienne Moore |

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I first met Adrienne at the 2016 Black Business Women Rock Expo and was met with a big smile matched by big ambition to make her mark. As a first-time vendor, she offered persuasive testimonials and easy-going conversations about hair goals. Since then, I’ve become a customer and have tapped into the encouraging world of before and after photos. On her website and across social media, Adrienne uses images and videos to put her hair growth journey front and center, along with others. These powerful success stories leave little doubt that Precious Tresses stands strong as the new black hair care line ‘on the block’ and may be the solution for your own beloved locks – whether relaxed or natural.

Adrienne cites empowerment and confidence as the source of her #BlackGirlMagic and her impressive execution of storytelling, business-savvy and networking makes her a stand-out businesswoman in any crowd. Meet Adrienne Moore.

SolShock: What inspired you to create Precious Tresses? What inspired the name?
Adrienne: I struggled for many years to grow my own hair. Once I figured out how to do it, I started helping others online and in person. I thought the next natural step was to do it on a larger scale. So I took what I learned about products and had a manufacturer develop Precious Tresses.

I actually had another name in mind for the products. But I had dragged my feet in getting started. So when I finally did, that name was taken. I had to scramble. I came up with Precious Tresses. I really think it was divine intervention since our tresses really are precious!

SolShock: How do you differentiate your product from all the other hair care products out there?
Adrienne: Most products just tell you to apply them, and hope for the best. They don’t also show how to grow your hair. I know what it takes because I’ve done it. And I’m providing the best products to help you do it too.

Precious Tresses Owner Adrienne Moore

Photo by: Sharreace Baldwin/

SolShock: Does Precious Tresses represent more than hair care or hair products?
Adrienne: Precious Tresses definitely stands for more than just hair products. That is just the start. There is just something about feeling good about yourself in every way. You feel you can conquer anything. We all know how important hair is to a black woman. It all starts with the hair.

SolShock: You value sharing education about hair care through your blogs. Generally speaking, how important is taking care of your hair versus the products you use?
Adrienne: To me, both are equally important. You could be pampering your hair and never providing moisture. The result is breakage. You could be using the best products but abusing your hair. The result is breakage. The key is finding the best combination of products and care. I believe I’ve created that with Precious Tresses.

SolShock: What was the journey like going from employee to full-time entrepreneur?
Adrienne: I wish I could say, “This was a piece of cake.” But I would be lying. Because I wear so many hats, there was so much that I’ve had to learn. It’s been rewarding to know that I hold my future and livelihood in my hands, but the road has been bumpy.

SolShock: Which small business resources or organizations were most helpful to you in building your business?
Adrienne: Small Business Development Center and Small Business Administration.

SolShock: What do you enjoy most about being a business owner? What is the best and most challenging thing?
Adrienne: Having control of my time is most rewarding, especially since it means I get to spend more time with my parents who are getting older. The most challenging thing is also having control of my time. It’s really important to use it most effectively.

SolShock: What are your top 3 tips to pass on to an upcoming small business owner?

  1. Have a plan and finances in place
  2. If you’re launching a new product or idea, make sure to test it out before
  3. Never stop learning. Go to as much training as possible Free training is awesome, but don’t be afraid to invest in yourself.

SolShock: Precious Tresses has a strong Instagram presence and utilizes several social media platforms. Was it hard to adapt to social media marketing or get used to using it for business when you first started?
Adrienne: Since my background is in finance, it was really hard to adapt to social media marketing. I was very familiar with Facebook but knew nothing about Instagram. I’m really proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish and the presence that I have there now. The beauty of the innawebs is being able to learn about anything. Social media marketing was no different. I took trainings and used trial and error. I’m still learning!

SolShock: How do you feel about the trend of seeing black women with natural hair in the media?
Adrienne: I love it. But I have no problem with black women with permed hair. What I love most of all is seeing black women comfortable in their own skin. You don’t have to do what I do to be okay. Whatever you’re doing, own it!

Precious Tresses Owner Adrienne Moore |

Photo by: Sharreace Baldwin/

SolShock: What fictional TV or movie character  would you love to see using Precious Tresses?
Adrienne: Tasha St. Patrick [from the Starz’ hit series “Power”]

SolShock: What is your favorite hair style to wear?
Adrienne: I LOVE wearing my hair down. It’s like putting all my hard work on display. However, for me, doing that too often results in breakage. So for growth’s sake, my style of choice is a bun.

SolShock: What can we look forward to from you and Precious Tresses in 2018?
Adrienne: I intend to add more products to the line. I also see myself doing public events to discuss hair and other subjects near and dear to my sisters. I’m about empowerment that starts with the hair.

SolShock: What was your most recent happy discovery?
Adrienne: Tilly’s Tacos near El Camino College

Precious Tresses products can be purchased online along with a length check t-shirt and hair accessories. Follow Precious Tresses on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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