Q&A with Nu-Soul Magazine Founder Norman Mayers

smile_NormanIf you are even remotely close to being a music lover, a mover and shaker in L.A. or a fan of unique live events and indie artists; chances are you’ve heard of Norman Mayers and Nu-Soul Magazine. His popular blog offers a daily mix of album reviews, downloads, interviews, videos, events and more – all centered around the best and who’s who in progressive soul music. He and his creative team have produced numerous well-known events including “Art + Soul” and “Strictly Social.” Norman made time in his busy schedule as Editor-in-Chief/DJ/Promoter/Entrepreneur to answer these three questions.

SolShock: What inspired your latest project?

Norman: I have been really inspired by the Los Angeles beat scene and the culture spearheaded by labels such as Soulection and HW&W. They have been bringing an energy to the soul music world that I have been waiting for and their artists and work ethic have really helped me to re-invest in what I am doing with Nu-Soul Mag. There is a true synergy with what we have built in the LA nusoul/future soul scene and what the younger generation is building with their own unique vibe. It’s a great time for music and I am just inspired by all the creativity and hard work that I see among my peers and friends.

SolShock: What makes you radiant?

Norman: I tend to smile and laugh a lot. I feel like that energy keeps me youthful and happy and people can see that.

SolShock: What was your latest happy discovery?

Norman: Sprinting in the park. It may sound weird but I love to work out but I hate cardio. I found a park near my house that has a freeway overpass that I can sprint over. It’s just a cool unique place that isn’t too popular and I love to go there.

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