Q&A with Singer-Songwriter/Musician Chadwick Bishop

Long Beach-based singer-songwriter, musician and artistpreneur Chadwick Bishop (better known as Chad) plays the trombone and piano, sings and plays in several local bands, writes all of his songs, offers vocal lessons to young students and still finds the time to produce new projects. The Alabama native croons his special blend of Soul/R&B in a way that only he can. Treat yourself to a live show featuring Chad with bands InContempt and The Master Plan at a local venue near you!
SolShock: What inspired your latest project?

Chad: My latest projects were inspired by actually wanting to do something that matters. They include launching a company to expose local artists to wider audiences by bridging the gap between grassroots live performances and web-based promotional outlets. Live streaming is a great idea. We are not reinventing the wheel, but we are focused on getting quality recordings and video to a global community.

SolShock: What makes you radiant?

Chad: Being blessed with the gift to connect and produce is so radiant. It’s beautiful to see an idea through from its inception to its presentation. These days I am preparing to shoot a music video for the Dave Williams produced “Whatever We Want”, which is gonna be on our summer release. Let’s see… then there’s performing live with 2 bands (The Master Plan and InContempt).

SolShock: What was your most recent happy discovery?

Chad: My most recent happy discovery was that my son can read music!!!

Visit Chad’s SoundCloud to hear his latest music

Photo credit = Sue Jin

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