5 Reasons to See “Stories From an Undeclared War”

After attending a special documentary screening of “Stories From an Undeclared War” held by the Freedom Writers Foundation, it was very easy to compose a short article promoting this film. Told in their own words, “Stories From an Undeclared War” is the powerful true story of former Wilson High School teacher Erin Gruwell (Ms. G) and her students. The film takes you on a journey through their collective life changes as they composed the anonymous journal entries that would later become known internationally as “The Freedom Writers Diary“–a published book and New York Times #1 Bestseller. Although there are many more, here are five reasons to see this amazing film.

1. You will see the real Erin Gruwell aka Ms. G – If you have not met her in person, you will see how incredibly bubbly and full of energy she is. You can see the love and passion for teaching in her eyes and she is quite the delight. It’s always a feel-good moment when you see an educator making a difference in students’ lives.

2. You’ll make time for reflection – If you don’t readily remember what you were doing in 1994-1999 or where you were during the LA Riots in 1994 after the Rodney King verdict, this film will indirectly prompt you to reflect. You will naturally venture down memory lane and recall what was happening in your life while these “at-risk” students were writing their hearts out.

3. Your questions may be answered. – The documentary may answer questions that the 2007 movie “Freedom Writers” did not. Seeing the raw “grainy” footage as Erin Gruwell referred to it, may trigger different emotions and allow for a deeper connection with the students’ stories.

4. You will be inspired – Not just to write, but to LIVE. Live a bigger life and express yourself while doing it. The students’ stories are just that moving.

5. Because this documentary is awesome.

As of this date, there is no official release date for the film in theaters.

Read more about the students of room 203 and the Freedom Writers Foundation here.

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