“In today’s musician community, artists have the freedom to create, perform and promote ourselves more now than ever before.  SolShock Publicity has been an asset to the AG team! Whether it’s generating a buzz for our next show, excellent press releases or persistently contacting media sources for interviews, SolShock gives us the lift off that our musical careers need. SolShock works long hours to represent our group and brings a personal touch we very much appreciate. We found nobody works harder or more creatively than SolShock Publicity!”
Osoosi7, Bebo’6, Oyane9 of Armchair Generals/AG Music Group  


“Sharreace is an amazing person to work with. She is very professional, well-respected, energetic, team player, leader, creative and full of ideas! She really does her best to make her clients happy and does what is best for them. Sharreace is the kind of person who goes beyond and gives her full attention to her work and clients. I’ve known Sharreace for a few years and she still continues to inspire and amaze me.”
F. Castilla., Film Publicist