SolShock.com Promoting Underground Radiance

At its core, SolShock is a Movement rooted in Love for Music, Dance and Art, that was created as a platform to help launch and support emerging artists, entrepreneurs, non-profits and community groups.

Launched in Long Beach, CA in 2009, SolShock was founded by a writer/dancer/publicist, who made it her mission to champion up-and-coming artists and underground events as if they were mainstream. “Promoting Underground Radiance” was the original tagline and commitment of the indie PR movement that operated formerly as SolShock Publicity. From sponsoring and producing music showcases to representing indie bands and non-profits, SolShock continuously created opportunities for others to shine.

Since then, SolShock has evolved into a positive media platform off the beaten path, that features a niche blog full of inspiring articles, interviews and exclusives, claiming a sunny spot within the digital landscape.

Happy Discoveries. Thank you for your support.

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