L.A. Radio Host Don Amiche Bets on Himself, Using Social Media to Build New Audience After KJLH Departure

In August 2018, it was announced on the Los Angeles radio station, 102.3 FM KJLH, that longtime radio host, Don Amiche, would not be returning to the “Mac and Amiche” show.

In this day and age, it is quite an accomplishment to sustain in the corporate environment (even radio broadcasting) while being a creative and doing something you love. Nine years at KJLH, then leaving that stability abruptly, while quickly and simultaneously connecting with an audience online – on his own terms – is quite an incredible feat and one that should be celebrated.

I sought an interview with Don Amiche, to highlight his commitment to himself, personal values and faith/confidence in his craft. I wanted to acknowledge his personal perseverance and publish something inspiring and motivating to our primary audience of emerging artists, budding entrepreneurs, DIY business owners and the parents who support them.

In this exclusive audio clip, Don Amiche answers these three questions:

  1. In addition to the outpour of love you mentioned, what has been your greatest, most recent happy discovery?
  2. What is essential to a resilient comeback after a career change?
  3. How do you further plan to use social media to build your audience and career?

Wishing him well on his media journey. Catch What You Missed with Don Amiche on Facebook.

Photos courtesy of Don Amiche

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