Happy Discoveries Seoul-Edition Part 2 | 1MILLION Dance Studio Choreography

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Think about your favorite Pop or Hip Hop song and I guarantee you there is a dance studio somewhere LIT with amazing choreography to match it. I’m talking dance moves so good, that the next time you hear the song, you’re picturing the dance moves. Chances are, the moves are so fire, you end up liking the song more because of the choreography! This is the case for dozens of brilliant choreographers and dancers like Matt Steffanina, Aliya Janell, Phil Wright, who post their dance classes and tutorials on YouTube and Instagram for all the world to see. This is the case for 1MILLION Dance Studio in Seoul, South Korea. Their YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers. You’ll see why, below.

The smoothness, the swag, the detail, the style, the smiles – all can be felt through the screen. The playlist below includes a compilation of my favorite and most-watched dance class videos featuring amazing choreographers Eunho Kim, Junsun Yoo, Koosung Jung, Mina Myoung and more. You may recognize some of the dancers from Jay Park’s “All I Wanna Do” video.

Shout out to the videographers/editors for your skills and the hardworking dancers taking their efforts to the 1 millionth level in class. We see you.

The 1MILLION Dance Studio team is coming to L.A.! Take classes August 13-14 during a 2-day workshop at Downtown Dance & Movement. Details here.

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