Watts Gem Shuga Rae Cues Up Credence in Her New Single “Bang”

Rapper Shuga Rae

Photo courtesy of Arjay Smith

Poised and bold, passionate and peaceful, wise, resilient, keen. These are just a few of the words that describe Watts-based rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Shuga Rae. Her latest single, “Bang” oozes the kind of self-assured yet humble duality most of us strive for. Matched with a vivid and mellow track, Shuga Rae gives us quintessential rap, boasting with a smooth flow. “Bang” featuring Glasses Malone and produced by Oh No, is an anthem for ambition as Shuga Rae sees it and is definitely one to add to your “boss” and “beastmode” Hip Hop playlists. Check it out below.

I met up with the Spelman College alumna and self-proclaimed inner-city queen in her hometown to learn more about her business ventures, Grind Cam and Steady West Movement, Inc. With the Watts Towers masterpiece as our backdrop, we shared an inspiring conversation about music, vision, business and life. Happy Discovery.

SolShock: What inspired the name, Shuga Rae?
Shuga Rae:  The movies Harlem Nights and The Color Purple

Rapper Shuga Rae in Watts, CA

Photo by: SolShock Media

SolShock: Tell us about “Bang” and the inspiration behind it

Shuga Rae: Arjay sent the track over and it banged so I banged it out…lol

SolShock: What does the life soundtrack of Shuga Rae sound like?

Shuga Rae: 1965-1995 music

SolShock: Who are some of your favorite or most influential artists, rappers, songwriters?

Shuga Rae: Isley Brothers, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Herald Melvin and the Blue notes, Lauryn Hill, and Nipsey Hussle

SolShock: How did Atlanta influence your rapping or songwriting style, if at all?

Shuga Rae: Yes, it brought back the storytelling aspect in my rhymes.

SolShock: Any other collaborations with Watts or Los Angeles artists?

Shuga Rae: Yes – Wiseman, Wolfgang, The Black OC, and OSO Gang.

SolShock: Tell us more about Steady West Movement Inc.

Shuga Rae: Steady West Movement Inc. is a promotional and marketing company designed to help promote and highlight independent businesses, artists, and ideas.

SolShock: You’ve jumped right in with helping others as you climb the ladder of success. What were some of the opportunities you were given that helped you advance?

Shuga Rae: I had great teachers (family/school) my whole life, that supported all my “crazy” ideas. So Faith, Time, and Patience from older people has been the best opportunity.

SolShock: You have a strong business sense. Which small business resources or organizations were most helpful to you in building your business?

Shuga Rae: SBA and talking to people that did not succeed in business like they wanted to.

SolShock: What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur? What is the best and most challenging thing?

Shuga Rae: I enjoy seeing my dreams come to reality, the hardest part is the paperwork.

SolShock: What are your top 3 tips to pass on to an upcoming small business owner or artispreneur?

Shuga Rae: Research, Research, Research.

SolShock: What can we look forward to from you in 2019?

Shuga Rae: More promotions and shows.

SolShock: What was your most recent happy discovery?

Shuga Rae: That God loudly moves in silence.

Rapper Shuga Rae - Grind Cam Creator

Photo by: SolShock Media

Connect with Shuga Rae at ShugaRae.com | Steady West Movement Inc. | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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