Jimetta Rose Smith Shares The Importance of Vision Boards for Emerging Artists

The soulful extraordinary Jimetta Rose Smith blessed us with an exclusive guest article all about Vision Boards. The Los Angeles-based Singer/Songwriter shares her personal views on the importance of creating a vision board, how it has helped her creatively and spiritually and how creating one can help an emerging artist. We hope this article inspires you to create your own vision boards and leads you on an exciting journey toward manifesting them.

Vision Board by Jimetta Rose Smith

Vision Board by Jimetta Rose Smith

SolShock: Have you used a vision board?

Jimetta Rose:  I use vision boards quite often. Mine tend to be super abstract but I do use them. I’ve been working on making more targeted ones, so that as things begin to manifest in my life I’ll be able to see the direct results of my faith. I have two currently.

SolShock:  Why create a vision board?

Jimetta Rose:  I’m in the process of envisioning and embodying the woman i am here to be, so I’ve been making these boards so that the vision doesn’t solely exist in the mental realm which we perceive as potentiality until materialized physically. I feel it is so important for us as Creators to not only think thoughts but to shape them into something tangible even before it’s that exact thing you’re desiring. Everyday we are programmed by what we see, what we experience. Why not throw in some shit you know you wanna see, some things you know you want to experience? Why not add that to the things you believe in? This is how we build a future we can look forward to, and also how we shift our experience of the now. Vision boards are just like billboards and commercials…they remind you of what you’re on your way to the store to buy.

Jimetta Rose SmithSolShock:  How has it helped you personally, creatively, spiritually?

Jimetta Rose:  I believe vision boards have helped me to focus what seemed to me to be a very large and overwhelming life purpose into things that I can enjoy looking upon. So instead of feeling the anxiety of fleeting thoughts and flimsy wisps of inspiration I try to feel the excitement, the joy of expecting all that I desire.

SolShock:  How can it help an emerging artist?

Jimetta Rose:  It’s imperative to have a vision for yourself. if you are not living your dreams, you are creating someone else’s and there ain’t nothing wrong with that…but we are all here to express and expand ourselves individually and collectively; to not explore that which is within us is to dishonor the spirit that’s within us giving us life, allowing us to be. I believe we’re all emerging artist.

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