3 Reasons to Watch the African Historical Fantasy, “ASE”

Nappy Nation Media The independent short film and concept trailer, “ASÉ” made its international debut on YouTube this past August. Since then, it has gained thousands of views, hundreds of likes and several positive comments from supporters championing the exciting unique concept and the timeliness of a story representing pre-colonial Africa.

ASÉ” is described by its producers as “the story of three ordinary teens on a seemingly ordinary day, who have a not-­so-ordinary run-in with a dark and evil spirit known as Elemosho. AŞÉ introduces the viewer to the ancient world of Oyo, heartland of the growing Yoruba empire, where mystical experiences are common and supernatural forces are always at play.” It is the latest project from the Nigeria-based production company, Nappy Nation Media.

It goes without saying; there are many reasons to support this brilliant project. Here is a short list of three:

3 Reasons to Watch the African Historical Fantasy, ASÉ:

  1. Because within seconds, you are drawn in and captivated by the mystical journey; a worthy gift, in exchange for a few minutes of your precious time.
  2. Supporting “ASÉ”, the 7-minute concept trailer leads to the support and production of the one-hour television series slated to premier worldwide in 2015. Nappy Nation Media is looking to all of us to help sustain the momentum and show that there is global demand for the project. Support!
  3. The creators of “ASÉ” are a powerful husband and wife team who skillfully combine their artistic visions. In 2013, their collaborative musical stage production “Museum of Living Art (MOLA)” made its Los Angeles debut and was met with rave reviews and numerous requests for an extended run. MOLA featured an amazing cast of L.A. notables, including Jimetta Rose Smith. The contributions of all of the uber-talented leading performers helped to make MOLA one of the most memorable live theater experiences ever.

View the behind-the-scenes interview with the producers and director of ASE

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