5 Long Beach Singer-Songwriters & Musicians You Should Know

Before you read this list, just know that there are many talented, creative, hard-working artists and musicians in this city that are worthy of your attention. Only five of them are highlighted here.

Halle Johnson

With her beloved guitar in hand, this delightful singer-songwriter can be seen belting her original Soul, Pop and Rock tunes all throughout the city. Halle was a finalist in the 2013 Guitar Center Singer/Songwriter contest and is well on her way to being a very well-known indie artist.

Dave Williams and The MajicBulletTheory (MBT Jazz)

He is quite certainly a multi-talented musician and bandleader in his own right. But when you see Dave play his trumpet, you can’t help but think of a certain legendary trumpet player who also possessed a magical sound. Dave Williams is truly one of the most consistent, hard-working musicians in all of Los Angeles. As for the band – the name speaks for itself.

Chad Bishop

Chad is known for his soulful voice, smooth R&B style and romantic lyrics. He plays the trombone and piano and currently sings in two bands. We recently highlighted Chad in a SolShock.com Q&A.

Sue Jin

*Note – after watching this video, you will want to hear more of Sue Jin. Her voice and beautiful melodies draw you in that way. She’s not actually from Long Beach but has performed here many times and frequently collaborates with local artists.In this impromptu video, both talents simply – sing.  Sue Jin is a singer-songwriter you should definitely know.

Rajh Kirch

Rajh Kirch is an artist, a dope emcee, an entrepreneur and the founder of Sandbox Social Club, an art-inspired children’s fashion project. His creativity is endless.

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