John-Leslie Brown Speaks HIGH HOPES

speaker john-leslie brownIf we knew of one person who consciously and consistently spoke of high hopes in their music and in everyday conversation, it would be John-Leslie Brown, aka HIGH HOPES.  As the youngest son of world-renowned motivational speaker and author Les Brown, John-Leslie possesses a natural passion and charm aptly placed at the heart of his delivery.  A Hip Hop artist and internationally known motivational speaker since the age of 15,  John-Leslie has self-produced over eight albums combining “new generation motivation” with  hard-knocking hip hop, potent lyrics and moving selections from his speeches. Heeding the impact of his words, his message is always that of positivity, exemplary action and of course, motivation.

HIGH HOPES recently shared the Little Temple stage with artists Maimouna Youssef, Kampaign, and Da’ Ultimate for Nu-Soul’s Nappy Thursdays event.  He is co-host of Hip Hop Talk Radio with Leila Steinberg and Cheryl Rich on (CRN1) and is set to release a new album and social media projects in early 2012. Visit to learn more.  Photo credit:

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