New Music: S.O.U.L.-O.’s My Soul Apotheosis


Symphonic Orchestration Universal Life – Odwaun

S.O.U.L.- O. (born Odwaun Dandridge) is a widely admired multi-genre music producer, turntablist, and MC from Long Beach, CA.  whose career spans 19 years.  He’s currently promoting the 10th installment of his “Migraines Uv Melodies” original instrumental mixtape, “My Soul Apotheosis”.  The hip hop/soul/jazz infused tracks will keep your head nodding to the beats and in agreement with his style.

An absorber of sound and inspired by all music genres, S.O.U.L.- O is recurrently sought-after for eye-catching turntablism, original music production, reworks, remixes, and live DJing. He holds three residencies including “Slow Burn Tuesdays” at Puka Bar and is constantly called to DJ at community and private events.  He reaches all music genres in his production and has worked with numerous well-known and rising artists throughout Long Beach and LA including Tash (The Alkaholiks), Precise Science, Rashondra Angelle, Kelly Love Jones, Majic Bullet Theory, and many more.  Take a sonic ride and get up-to-the-minute news about his latest mixes, upcoming gigs, and events at

DOWNLOAD Migraines Uv Melodies #10 HERE